How Technology is Changing Nursing

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Nursing has come a long way and technology has helped pave the way for many advancements in the medical field.

Medical advancements and information technologies of the twentieth century have not only changed the face of the nursing – they have become part of the intricate fabric of the field.

Medely is a strong believer in technology as a way to advance not only how healthcare professionals find work but how healthcare professionals care for their patients.

Here a few of the things we think that have been crucial in the advancement in helathacre and daily partient care.

Electronic Health Records

Long gone are the days endless paperwork, manually completing patient charts, and faxing over medical records as more and more hospitals and facilities convert to EHR. Now, allows healthcare providers can access patient information with a few keystrokes.  Patient history is now easily accessible and all in one place, cutting down on human error, alerts nursing staff to possible drug interactions, and keeps track of diagnostic test results.


The future has arrived. With the advent of Telemedicine, healthcare facilities around the country are using this technology to allow doctors to communicate with the nursing staff and manage patient care, remotely. Now, healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses are able to expand their reach beyond local establishments and provide quality healthcare to locations across the country and even worldwide.

Digital Drug Information

We have come a long way from the days healthcare professionals had to carry thick and outdated books with drug information around. Now with your smartphone, you are able to access a world of knowledge with Free, downloadable drug references guides.With constantly updated information, you know have the most relevant drug profiles to be able to better access and care for your patients.

Continuing Eduction

School is no longer local. From the comfort of your own home, you are able to access continuing education programs allowing you to better your knowledge of the ever changing world of medicine.

Book, Manage and get paid fast 

Medely has changed the way healthcare professionals book shifts on demand. By eliminating the staffing agency model, Medely has put the power of working when and where you want in your own hands. We allow healthcare professionals like Preop/PACU and Circulating nurses as well as Techs to build a full schedule or simply supplement their current income by using the Medely platform. We allow healthcare facilities and professionals to interact directly with each other allowing the facility to save on costs and the professional to be paid more. Find out more at

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