5 Proven Ways to Boost Workforce Productivity

10146-NMQMB3Keeping your workers motivated and productive at all times can be tricky. By following these five Medely tips, you can address productivity problems in your organization and therefore improve your business’s bottom line.

1. Train, Teach and Coach Staff

Not only does training equip staff with the skills they need to perform their roles well, it can also make your team feel more valued and therefore increase engagement. When your workforce is motivated and constantly learning new skills, workforce productivity is more likely to remain high over the long term.

2. Promote From Within

Promoting from within has two main benefits. First, the person who gets the job is already familiar with your company culture and systems, which means they can start being productive right away. Second, employees often work harder when they know they have a real chance of being rewarded with a promotion.

3. Identify Stressors

Nobody can do their best work when they are stressed and burned out. That’s why it’s so important to identify stressors that could be dragging down the mood of your workers. Whether it’s an outdated IT system that forces employees to work in an inefficient way or a chronic understaffing problem, you need to identify stressors and take action to remove them. For example, hiring on-demand RNs through Medely when some of your regular employees are off work could help to reduce understaffing and workplace stress.

4. Limit Hours on the Job

Even the most highly skilled employees need rest to function at their best. If your workers have been putting in overtime for weeks, it’s likely they are burned out and in need of a rest. Limit hours on the job by using Medely to bring in RNs to cover for overworked employees.

5. Work on Team Building Outside of the Work Environment

Teams are more productive when they have strong internal communication. Encourage your team members to bond with each other by organizing team building activities outside the work environment. You could take your employees paintballing, organize a departmental soccer game, or simply throw a staff party to allow team members to hang out together. Whatever you decide to do, try to make the day as fun as possible to give your employees a positive experience to look back on during their daily routines.

Improving workforce productivity requires ongoing commitment. We work hard at it everyday here at Medely. To keep your workers performing at their best, you need to consistently give them opportunities to rest, train, interact with their coworkers, and address the factors that cause them the most stress.



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