Stressed and depressed?

Work is a major pain point for many people and  like life, it can have its ups and downs. You never know what you’re going to get when you wake up everyday. Waking up with a positive attitude and taking each day one at a time can ease the pain and allow you to meet any challenges head on. Here at Medely, we have a few tips to help you through your day.

  1. Identify negative thoughts early – You may not realize but in your subconscious you already may be harboring negative feelings with regards to work. Work hard everyday to be aware of your negative tendencies, thoughts, words or actions. Be aware of when you doubt yourself, think you cant get something done or feel your not up to the task. You may not realize it but you’re already limiting yourself to reaching you potential.
  2. Set your goals for the day – Sometime life can feel like you’re driving down an endless road. What are you driving towards, what is your goal? Defining a goal is critical to success and keeping the positive attitude you need.  We recommend you sit alone, with a family member or with your boss and set your daily, weekly or monthly goals. Define your success for that day, week or month. What are you looking to accomplish and where do you want to be in that time? When you define your individual success, you can easily chart the correct path to meet those targets and that in itself will boost your self esteem.
  3. Get enough sleep – Yes we know, that is obvious. Well actually its not. Many people don’t realize how little sleep they actually get. With so much being thrown at us everyday from work issues to social media to kids at home, its hard to really rest your body let alone your mind. Setting a routing is critical to a successful day. Some things you should try  include sleeping at the same time everyday, turning off the TV 1 hour before you sleep, read a book before bed, no social media or games in bed and finally listen to relaxing music.

In the end you will always be challenged with the stresses of daily life. Always realize that you are in control of yourself and your future. Staying positive, setting goals and getting the rest you deserve are all ways to combat the challenges you face everyday. Remember, take one day at a time, do your best to enjoy it and always realize that it passes by quicker then you think.

Thank you

Team Medely!

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